LogMeIn Causes Display Driver Error in Windows Media Center – Notes and Links

If you have dual monitors / one not hdcp – start WMC on the non HDCP monitor and drag it over to the main monitor.

Display Driver Error in Windows Media Center only on LiveTV. Minimizing/Maximizing fixes it.

LogMeIn Causes Error in Windows Media Center

I am posting my reply to this article because his blog is even less active than mine.  I figure I should capture my comments in case his blog disappears.   I may want to expand on this and at least one other issue I have come across with LogMeIn interacting with Windows Media Center on Windows 7 64bit.

There may be a few combinations of the right hardware/software that can create this particular issue.

I have:
1 – A (brand new) HDHomeRun Prime
2 – An AMD APU with a AMD Radeon HD 6530D graphics chip
3 – LogMeIn

In addition:
a – I am connected to an old Olevia 37 inch HDTV via HDMI, and
b – Have a secondary monitor connected to the D-sub (VGA) port

I have two different errors, and was looking for any ideas to help sort this out.  Like you I would receive the ‘Display Driver Error’.  I would also get a ‘HDCP Support Required’ error.  Despite these 2 errors, at one point, I had all channels working on both monitors for one evening. The next day, I was back fighting with this issue. This is my 3rd day now, and I came across your article.  It appears it may have solved the ‘Video Display Error.

I decided to first simply disable the ‘LogMein Mirror Driver’, and that looks to have fixed my ‘Display Driver Error’.  I will have to fool around some more to see if I can get rid of the second error.

It gets more complicated with the 2 monitors.  Live TV working on the VGA Port.  I can then move the WMC window to the other monitor, and it will work.  But High Def channels have not worked since the first evening.

Very complex and very odd.

Anyway, thanks for figuring out this piece of the puzzle.