Back-Up Sage Timberline 9.x Database

Open Sage Desktop
From the menu on the left side, expand Sage Timberline Office
Browse to: Common Tasks / Tools / File Tools

Double-Click File Tools
From the File Tools window, select Backup, then click Next

From the Backup Operation window, select Add Folder
From the Browse For Folder window, browse to the folder containing the company database
Highlight the folder, and select OK

The folder containing the database should now be listed in the Backup Operation window

Select Next

The Destination folder should contain previous backups
The Archive name  should  clearly identify the backup
The Append button allows the backup routine to automatically add an identifier to the file name, such as date and time stamps.

Under Comments, The default comment may be used, but additional info can be added

The Backup Operation will perform a Validation  routine before the backup can proceed.

Once the Validation is complete, select Next

You will have an option to browse the list of files to be backed up.  All files listed in the window will be backed up.

Select Next

From the Execution Summary window, select Next to perform the backup operation

The backup operation will proceed.
Upon completion , a status window will be displayed.

Select Finish