Access Your Work PC From a Remote Location Using Remote Web Workplace

Important Notes:

  • These instructions were written for Small Business Server 2003 Remote Web Workplace
  • Remote Web Workplace requires Internet Explorer
  • Before you attempt to connect to your workstation, you will need to know the name of the workstation you are connecting to

Using Internet Explorer, go to the Small Business Server Remote Web Workplace Website.
If you are presented with the notice There is a problem with this website’s security certificate, select Continue to this website (not recommended).

From the Welcome to Windows Small Business Server 2003 page.
Select Remote Web Workplace.

If not presented with this welcome screen, proceed to the next step.

Enter your username and password and select Log On.

From the Main Menu, select Connect to Client Desktops.

Scroll thru the list of Computers and locate your workstation.
Highlight your workstation, then select Connect.

A Remote Desktop Connection window will pop up.
Select Connect.

You should now be presented with your work PC’s desktop and can logon and use your workstation PC.

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