Adobe Customization Wizard X and Adobe Reader X

Adobe Customization Wizard X (X is for version 10) is a free utility that is provided by Adobe that allows administrators to customize installations of Adobe Acrobat X and Adobe Reader X prior to their deployment.

The Adobe Customization Wizard X provides a graphical interface that makes it easy for administrators to control, customize and standardize what options are made available to the user upon installation of Adobe Reader or Acrobat.  For people who have used previous versions of the wizard, the Adobe Customization Wizard X remains basically the same as version 8 and 9.

The Adobe Customization Wizard allows you to make changes to the .msi file options then save the changes in a transform file (.mst) to use in your distribution.  The Adobe Customization Wizard allows you to enter serial numbers, suppress the End User License Agreement (EULA), and control most other customization options to insure a standard installation or  deployment.

Adobe Reader X can be downloaded as either a single Microsoft Installer file (.msi) or as an executable (.exe).  To keep things simple, you may want to download the .msi file, as the Adobe Customization Wizard is designed to allow you to open the .msi, view the default options and make changes, and then create a transform file (.mst) to use with your distribution.

If you prefer, you can download the .exe version of the Adobe Reader installer , and extract the installation files, which include the Acroread.msi file. Customizations can also be made to the Acroread.msi file. Information on extracting files from the .exe version of the installer is available in the links section below.

After downloading both Adobe Reader X and the Customization Wizard,  you will need to install the Customization Wizard. You can then  use the Customization Wizard to open the Adobe Reader X ‘.msi’ file, select the desired modifications to the default installation options, then save your choices by selecting ’Save Package’, which will by default generate a transform file (.mst) in the same folder as the ‘.msi’ file. 

In the Links section below, you can check out ‘The Adobe Customization Wizard X Demystified’ or ‘Deploying Adobe Reader X′  for nicely detailed articles on customizing Adobe Reader X using the current Adobe Customization Wizard.  The article at Aaron Parkers  ‘Deploying Adobe Reader X′ covers various aspects of the Customization Wizard and Adobe Reader, including the creation of a transform for Reader X.  It should provide enough detail for anyone needing more help using the wizard.   The article ‘The Adobe Customization Wizard X Demystified’ goes into virtually every screen and discusses most of the available options.

Version 10 of the Customization Wizard is available as a free download from Adobe.  See MooreMN Downloads for links to Adobe download resources, including Adobe Reader X and The Adobe Customization Wizard X.

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