AVG Rescue CD – Part 3 of 4 (Creating a Bootable USB Flash Drive)

 AVG Rescue CD and Creating the Bootable USB Flash Drive
Creating a bootable USB Flash Drive is accomplished by first booting to the AVG Rescue CD, and selecting USB  Create bootable USB Flash Drive from the Scan Menu.   See the previous articles in this series, AVG Rescue CD – Part 1 of 4 (Creating the Rescue Disk) and AVG Rescue CD – Part 2 of 4 (Using the Rescue Disk) for information on creating and using the AVG Rescue CD.

Booting to The AVG Rescue CD
Open your CD/DVD  Player and insert the AVG Rescue CD 

Turn on the PC

If your PC is configured to allow booting from your DVD/CD player, the Rescue Disk should start booting.  If the PC does not boot to the CD automatically during the initial boot process, you may have an option to either select a specific key, or press any key to to boot from CD.  If the PC is not configured to allow booting  from a CD, you likely need to enable and configure that option from within the BIOS.  One example of how to access the BIOS and Boot Menu options is shown in the image here.

With a VMWare BIOS:
You enter the BIOS using the F2 key (see 1)
You enter the Boot Menu using the escape key (see 2)

Note:  Below is a set of articles at About.com that covers common methods for accessing your BIOS.

How To Access the BIOS Setup Utility

BIOS Setup Utility Access Keys for Popular Computer Systems

BIOS Setup Utility Access Keys for Popular Motherboards

BIOS Setup Utility Access Keys for Major BIOS Manufacturers

Creating the AVG Rescue CD Flash Drive
Once the PC is powered on and begins its boot up process, The AVG Rescue CD Boot Menu appears.
Press the enter key to select the default AVG Rescue CD option.
If you you encounter issues with viewing subsequent screens, you can select the AVG Rescue CD with Resolution Selection

Press the enter key to agree to the User Agreement.

Cursor right to select No.  Press enter to select No and bypass the virus definitions update wizard

Cursor down to USB  Create bootable USB Flash Drive.
Press enter to create a flash drive based USB AVG Rescue Disk

Select your flash drive and press enter to select OK

You are cautioned that all data on the selected USB flash drive will be deleted.  Once you are sure the right device is selected, press enter to select Yes.

The AVG Rescue CD will prepare the USB flash drive for use as a Recovery tool

Once completed, press enter to continue

From the Main Menu, cursor down to Shutdown, and press enter to select Shutdown

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