Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 – Part 3 of 4 (Using the Rescue2USB Application)

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Rescue2usb Application
Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 is a free downloadable software program designed to scan and disinfect Windows based Personal Computers (PCs) that have been severely infected by a virus or viruses. 

The Kaspersky Rescue Disk is downloaded from the Kaspersky website as an ISO image file.  Once downloaded it can be burned to a CD or written to a removable USB device, such as a flash drive.  The resulting CD or flash drive is bootable and provides an isolated environment from which to run virus scans and attempt to disinfect the PC.

The Kaspersky Rescue Disk can be used when a virus infection is so severe that it is not possible to disinfect the computer using the installed anti-virus application or anti-malware programs, or if the installed anti-virus program has been disabled or broken by the virus itself. 

You can find more information about the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 including how to create Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 CD in the links section below.


Downloading Kaspersky Rescue Disk version 10 and Rescue2usb
Go to MooreMN Downloads or the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 page
Download the Kaspersky Rescue Disk ISO image file and the User Guide to your hard drive.

Go to the Kaspersky  page
Download the current Kaspersky rescue2usb 1.x.x.x.exe file and save to your hard drive.

Both the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 ISO file and the Rescue2usb utility are needed to create a bootable Kaspersky flash based Rescue Disk.

Once all the needed files are downloaded, execute the rescue2usb 1.x.x.x.exe.  The rescue2usb 1.x.x.x.exe is a WinRAR compressed self-extractor file.  The self-extractor will need to extract the files used in creating the Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk.  I recommend you extract the files in a location near the downloaded ISO image.

Once the files are extracted, the Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker will open.

From the program interface perform the following steps

  1. Browse to the ISO image of the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10, select the image.
  2. Under USB medium, select the USB device that will be used as the rescue flash drive.  If the flash drive is not formatted, the Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker will offer to prepare the drive for you.
  3. Click on START to copy the relevant files from the ISO image to the USB drive.

Under USB medium, make sure you select the correct device, or you risk losing any data on that device.

Once the Kaspersky Rescue Disk Maker has finished, a pop-up will show the Rescue Disk Maker is completed. 


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