Uninstalling The Symantec Antivirus Client (SAV) without a Client Password

When Symantec Corporate Edition Clients are on a network managed by a Symantec AntiVirus Server, the antivirus is generally installed on workstations and servers as a managed client. When the Symantec AntiVirus Client is managed, attempts to uninstall the client via the Add / Remove Program applet will result in a password prompt. If you don’t know or forget the password, then the client will not uninstall.

The client uninstall password can be set by the administrator through the Symantec System Center. If the client password has not been set or changed, it may be the default password. Therefore, you can try to uninstall a Symantec Client Security program using the default password, symantec (all lowercase).

The SAV client uninstall password is not the same as the server group password, If you enter that password, you will receive an invalid password message.

In cases where the Symantec AntiVirus server has been shut down; the Symantec AntiVirus server is no longer available; the client computer does not have access to the company network; the default client uninstall password does not work; or the client uninstall password is unknown or forgotten, the following registry hack will allow you to remove Symantec Antivirus without using a password:

1.  Open the Registry Editor (regedit.exe).

2.  Navigate to the following registry key:

3.  Look for the following dword values and change the values from 1 to 0:

4.  Exit the Registry Editor

5.  You should now be able to uninstall the Symantec AntiVirus Client.

This should work on most versions of the Symantec AntiVirus (SAV) Client or Norton AntiVirus (NAV) Client.  If you are still unable to remove the Symantec Antivirus Client, see the links below for information on manually uninstalling the client.

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