Java SE Runtime Environment 6 (Java 6 Update 16) – Silent Install (.exe)

Sun’s Java Standard Edition (Java SE) Runtime Environment is used to deploy portable applications or applets for general use on workstations. Due to its wide user base, it is seen by hackers as a potential point of attack when looking to affect a large number of computer systems.

Sun regularly provides updates to patch security vulnerabilities to the Java Runtime Environment.  This series of articles provides basic guidance and additional references in automating the deployment process of Java.

The Java SE Runtime Environment is available as a free download from Sun.  See MooreMN Downloads for links to Java download resources.

Common Command-line Options:
/s  —  silent installation, there is no progress indicator. If incorrect syntax is used, the Windows Installer options window will be displayed.
/v  —  pass command-line arguments to Msiexec
IEXPLORER=1  —  indicates that the Java Plug-in should be registered with the Internet Explorer browser
MOZILLA=1  —  indicates that the Java Plug-in should be registered with Mozilla 1.1 and later and Netscape browsers
REBOOT=Suppress  —  if used, indicates that if locked files are encountered the computer should not be rebooted
INSTALLDIR=<Path>  —  if used, specifies the explicit drive and path of the installation.

Silent install, Java IE Plug-in registered, do not reboot:
jre-6u16-windows-i586-p.exe /s IEXPLORER=1 REBOOT=Suppress

Silent install, Java installed to an alternate directory.  In these two examples either INSTALLDIR statement is valid:
jre-6u16-windows-i586.exe /s INSTALLDIR=C:\AltJavaFolder
jre-6u16-windows-i586.exe /s /v”INSTALLDIR=C:\AltJavaFolder”

When installing, browsers need to be closed.

The default behavior of JavaSE 6 now upgrades (uninstalls previous versions of JavaSE 6).  This change in the default seems to have appeared as of JavaSE 6u11.  However, versions of JavaSE 6 older than 10 are not uninstalled (they remain as a seperate full installation of Java under ‘Add/Remove Programs’).  The old default behavior would install version after version until systems might have a half dozen or more Java installs on them.

This feature release (update 16) does not contain any new fixes for security vulnerabilities to Java SE 6 Update 15.  Users who have Java SE 6 Update 15 have the latest security fixes and do not need to upgrade to this release to be current on security fixes.

Java Silent Install / Silent Uninstall (exe)

While I use AppDeploy often when needing advice on how to tackle  a software push, the Java thread has grown into a bit of a chaotic mess.  However, some useful info does exist within the thread.