Java SE Runtime Environment 6 (AKA Java 6 Update 16) – Extracting the MSI

Update:  June 2011
Sun was acquired by Oracle in 2010. The information contained in this article is still valid as of Java 6 Update 26.

Oracle’s (Sun) Java Standard Edition (Java SE) Runtime Environment is used to deploy portable applications or applets for general use on workstations. Due to its wide user base, it is seen by hackers as a potential point of attack when looking to affect a large number of computer systems.

Oracle regularly provides updates to patch security vulnerabilities to the Java Runtime Environment.  This series of articles provides basic guidance and additional references in automating the deployment process of Java.

The Java SE Runtime Environment is available as a free download from Oracle.  See MooreMN Downloads for links to Oracle Java download resources.

To Extract the MSI within the Java 6 Update

Download the current Java 6 Update

For 32bit – Execute jre-6uxx-windows-i586.exe
For 64bit – Execute jre-6uxx-windows-x64.exe
When the Java setup ‘Welcome to Java’ Folder screen appears, you will find that the installation files needed will have been extracted to the default extraction location based on OS.*  After locating the files, copy them to a working folder for later work with the MSI installer. Cancel the JavaSE 6 setup.

*The installer files are extracted to the default ‘Setup Files’ folder as shown below.

Default ‘Setup Files’ folder
XP – %UserProfile%\Application Data\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_xx
W7 (32bit) – \Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_xx
W7 (64bit) – \Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_xx_x64

xx – is the current update version number.  So for update 26, replace the xx with 26.

When installing, browsers need to be closed.

It seems the Default behavior of JavaSE 6 now upgrades (removes previous versions of JavaSE 6).  This change in the default seems to have appeared with JavaSE 6u11.  However, versions JavaSE 6u9 and older are not upgraded (they remain as a seperate full installation of Java under ‘Add/Remove Programs’).
The old default behavior would install version after version until systems might have a half dozen or more Java installs on them.

Extracting the Java MSI installer for deployment

Java Runtime Environment – Windows Installation for JavaSE 6u10

Java Runtime Environment – Update Scenarios for JavaSE 6u10

While I use AppDeploy often when needing advice on how to tackle  a software push, the Java thread has grown into a bit of a chaotic mess.  However, some useful info does exist within the thread.