Adobe Customization Wizard 9

Adobe Customization Wizard 9 is a utility designed to customize the installer and application features of Adobe Acrobat 9 and Adobe Reader 9 prior to deployment.  It provides a graphical interface to access the Windows Installer options for Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

The Adobe Customization Wizard 9 is available as a free download from Adobe.  See MooreMN Downloads for links to Adobe download resources.

When installing or deploying Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, the Adobe Customization Wizard simplifies the generation of a transform file (.mst), allowing for a standardized custom installation.  The Adobe Customization Wizard allows you to enter serial numbers, suppress the End User License Agreement (EULA), and control most customization options that may be desired for a specific installation or  deployment.

The Adobe Reader can be downloaded as either a single Windows Installer file (.msi) or as an executable (.exe).  If you have downloaded the executable you’ll first need to extract the packaged files, which includes the AcroRead.msi file, and then use the Adobe Customization Wizard 9 to modify its default options.  More information on extracting the MSI file are available below under Links:

Once the files are extracted, you can open the AcroRead.msi file using the Customization Wizard and begin selecting desired modifications to the default installation options, then save your choices by selecting ‘Save Package’, which will by default generate a transform file named AcroRead.mst in the same folder as the AcroRead.msi. 

Using Adobe Customization Wizard 9 is fairly intuitive.  As such, there is really no need to go into much detail.  Symantec of all sites, has a nice article that breaks down the various options available with screenshots, and should provide enough detail for anyone wanting a little insight into its operation.  See the link below ‘Customizing Adobe Applications Through Adobe Customization Wizard 9’ for an introduction to the Customization Wizards interface.

When deploying software via Group Policy, you can specify a transform file when setting up a new Software Package for deployment by selecting ‘Advanced’ instead of the default ‘Assigned’  for your deployment method. Transforms can be added under the ‘Modifications’ tab only if ‘Advanced’ is selected and only during the initial creation of a software package.

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