Installers – NOS Installer, NOSLtd – Command Line

NOS Installer is an installer system that is used to compress installation files into a compact redistributable file.

Command line switches – NOS Installer (v2x)

  • /sAll       Silent Mode for the product installer.
  • /sPB      Silent Mode with progress bar for the product installer.
  • /rs          Reboot – Suppress.
  • /rps       Reboot – Prompt Suppress.
  • /ini “PATH”          Alternative initialization file.
  • /sl “LANG_ID”    Set Language; LANG_ID – Code in decimal digits
  • /l                             Enable Error Logging – Creates a .log file in the same folder as the installer
  • /msi[Command Line] Pass Parameters to the embedded MSI file
  • /?                             Brings up this dialog box


Running the executable with the following command line switches will run the installation:
/sPB –  in silent mode with a progress bar
/l – Output errors and warnings to a log file
          program.exe /l /sPB

I had little luck passing the INSTALLDIR=property using the /msi switch.  The NOS installer would not let me pass a path with a space, such as ‘Program Files’.  Attempts to wrap it in quotes and the few methods that seemed worth trying resulted in having the Windows Installer Options window popping up. 

As I prefer to simply extract the msi, this is not something I intend to fuss with much .

Common Applications that use the FEAD Optimizer format are;
          Adobe Reader

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